Game Day Taco Stadium

Taco Stadium

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan, love to watch the commercials or would rather be socializing in the kitchen, a Taco Stadium is the perfect way to entertain your guests. Seriously, who doesn’t like tacos? I’ve seen a lot of awesome Snack Stadiums and wanted to make one for the main meal. With enough variety, […]

Pickled Vegetables

Who said vegetables have to be boring? I’ve been making a lot of Roasted Vegetables this fall/winter and loving them. We were out to dinner recently and a nice side of pickled vegetables was served with my husband’s meal. They were to die for! I asked the server what was in them and got a […]

DIY Homemade Vanilla

DIY Homemade Vanilla

I’m one who likes to celebrate every holiday before jumping to the next one (yes, there’s a but coming) BUT this homemade gift takes a little patience and time before it’s ready to use and with only 2 ingredients, it takes very little effort to assemble. Vanilla is my absolute favorite spice in the world. […]