Hello World!

I did it! I’m joining about a million other bloggers today and I couldn’t be more excited or terrified with this decision. I started this blog after being convinced from so many family members and friends who saw my passion for baking and cooking. (It took me a bit to get on board) It’s also a creative outlet for me that I’m super excited about! So many of my recipes are just a list of ingredients, which makes it difficult for people when they ask for a recipe, so I will be rewriting them so you can follow along and get cooking with me. I still have much to learn in regards to photography, food styling and writing but knew that if I didn’t just start this, I would never be ready.

How we connect with people is what really matters. To get to know me better, here are 20 little known facts about me:

  1. Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to get married and have a family. They are my heros and I continually learn from them everyday and still get giddy whenever we are all together.
  2. I’m a night owl…Those creative ideas pop into my head around 8:00 pm and I’m ready to roll which makes my morning husband crazy.
  3. If someone says that I can’t do something, it pushes me pretty hard to show them how I can make it happen.
  4. I truly cherish life and look for ways to celebrate just about anything.
  5. I love a good belly laugh and believe that laughter is the best medicine!
  6. I’ve been known to wait quietly for someone to show up,  just to scare them – love a good practical joke. (See #5)
  7. I’m super curious about a lot of things and ask a lot of questions. I figure I’ll never know if I don’t ask.
  8. I enjoy shopping for groceries (and shoes and clothes and office supplies-you get the picture) but think it’s the most fun to browse stores in different parts of the country or world.
  9. I was a vegetarian for 30 years, and started eating some meat about 10 years ago but I’m still not a big fan of it.
  10. You’ll usually see me drinking Bai or LaCroix, but my favorite drink is Dr. Pepper.
  11. My favorite color is pink.
  12. I’m known for my Angel Food cakes and have made well over 200.
  13.  My husband and I have date night every Wednesday.
  14. I used to work in the Betty Crocker Kitchens.
  15. One of my favorite places to visit is Lake Superior’s North Shore. Any excuse is a good excuse to get up there.
  16. I was voted Girl’s Club President in high school and secretly wanted ‘Most Friendly’.
  17. I’m the girl to help out with my family and friend’s parties by cooking or baking something for them that they not only like, but will be something special to remember.
  18. I’m a country girl who loves the action of the big city.
  19. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I thought I’d surprise my family by baking some chocolate chip cookies. I used some recycled Crisco that we had fried smelt in. They were the fishiest cookies I ever made.
  20. I get my energy from being around people.

There are no promises as to how much I will post on here, but will do my best to get some fun and yummy things here for you.

I hope you will come back often to see the changes in the growth of this blog. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.